Good News for the Rufus Rose Mansion

May 4, 2015

The Atlanta Preservation Center is pleased to report that we have been working with the owner of the Rufus Rose Mansion on Peachtree Street, Gholam Bakhtiari and his daughter and facility manager, Liliana Bakhtiari on their plan to rehabilitate the structure for potential use as a coffee shop, non-profit/ local business incubator and venue space.  The most immediate concern is emergency patching of the roof.  Kyle Kessler, Tom Little and the APC have been providing documentation and advice to help gain approval from the City for the work.    Liliana Bakhtiari states,

“The APC has been a guiding light in not only educating me on the brilliant history of the Rufus Rose house, but also in navigating the system and resources that will help me save the wonderful history that is this beautiful home.  Both Paul and Boyd’s patience and time have been invaluable and I am very grateful.”

The structure is in tremendous shape and we believe Rufus Rose has a real chance to not only survive, but flourish with its potential adaptive reuse.

APC and M.H. Mitchell’s 2013 A Rose on Peachtree exhibition.                                                                         The Rufus Rose Mansion was added to the APC’s Endangered List in 2007.