Cross Roads, Layers of History

Ponce de Leon Corridor

Ponce de Leon Avenue is an important street to both Atlanta's Past and its Future.

Map to Location

Be the first to experience the Atlanta Preservation Center's newest tour!  Come and explore one of Atlanta's most diverse avenues.  Delve through the many layers of history that make Ponce de Leon Avenue a rich cultural treasure as we view and visit sites that have attracted visitors since the 19th century.  Experience the crossroads where Atlanta's social and economic classes have overlapped, exposing Atlanta's struggles while at the same time creating a robust and unique culture that defines our city.

All Ponce de Leon tours meet in front of the Plaza Theater at the Briarcliff Plaza Shopping Center at 1049 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Please note that no restroom facilities are available for this tour route.


Historic Tour Admission

     $13 for Adults
     $7 for Students and for Seniors (60+)

     Free admission for current APC Members


Admission is payable by cash or by check only to your guide.  No credit cards or debit cards will be accepted for in-person payment.  However, these cards may be used ahead of time if you choose to book a reservation through our website.


Tours subject to cancellation at guides’ discretion due to inclement weather at the tour start point.  Reservations are not required for parties of fewer than 20. For parties of 20 or more, please visit the Private Group Tours page for more information.