Taking You Places You've Never Been Before


CIRCA is an auxiliary educational group of APC that offers monthly behind-the-scenes tours of select historic sites in Atlanta and nearby areas.


CIRCA LogoWe see sites both before renovation begins and after the final touches have been completed.

Usually scheduled for the second Tuesday evening of the month March through December, CIRCA will take you places you’ve never been before.  Come explore with us!

To Join CIRCA, you need be a member of the Atlanta Preservation Center. Please visit Membership to join both the APC and CIRCA.

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Upcoming CIRCA events:  CIRCA's September Meeting will be at the Piedmont Driving Club

August CIRCA meeting Update:

The second August CIRCA meeting scheduled for the Ponce City Market has been rescheduled.  Individuals with confirmed reservations will receive an email update from Dan Knapp. Please let him know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the new date. For questions regarding the status of your reservation or problems with the new date, please contact Dan Knapp at dannyjknapp@yahoo.com.

September Meeting:  Piedmont Driving Club

Date:  Monday, September 8, 2014

Time:  Meeting at 6:30pm; tour begins at 6:45pm (reservation not necessary)

Address:  1215 Piedmont Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

The Club  was planned and organized by Mr. Joseph Kingsbery and a charter was obtained from Fulton Superior Court on June 4, 1887.  The name of the Club then was “Gentlemen’s Driving Club,” and its object was specifically the association of the Club’s members for the purpose of driving the fine horses which were used in that day.  During the fall of 1887, in anticipation of the great Exposition of that year, the Club purchased the entire grounds of what is now Piedmont Park.  The stone portion of the present Club is the house built in 1869, in which the seller of the Club property made his residence; and above the entrance of the Club may be seen an old millstone which had been used in a mill located in the park until Sherman’s Army destroyed it.   Subsequently all the Club’s land was sold to the Piedmont Exposition Company, which had successfully operated the Exposition of 1887.  But the Gentlemen’s Driving Cub continued in existence and in 1895 the charter of the Piedmont Driving Club was obtained.  In 1897 the Piedmont Exposition Company conveyed to the Piedmont Driving Club the grounds where the Club is now situated.

Parking:  On-site. Go through the security gate and then slightly to your right to the parking garage.

Fee:  Free for CIRCA members and first-time guests, $10 for returning visitors.  Membership forms will be available.

For more information on the Piedmont Driving Club history, please see the timeline written by William R. Mitchell, Jr., who will be our tour guide.