Taking You Places You've Never Been Before


CIRCA is an auxiliary educational group of APC that offers monthly behind-the-scenes tours of select historic sites in Atlanta and nearby areas.


CIRCA LogoWe see sites both before renovation begins and after the final touches have been completed.

Usually scheduled for the second Tuesday evening of the month March through December, CIRCA will take you places you’ve never been before.  Come explore with us!

To Join CIRCA, you need be a member of the Atlanta Preservation Center. Please visit Membership to join both the APC and CIRCA.

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Upcoming CIRCA events:  

CIRCA's October Meeting will be at The Castle.

Date:  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time:  6:30pm  

Address:  87 15th Street, Atlanta, GA

The Castle was designed and built by Ferdinand McMillan from 1908-1910 in the new development of Ansley Park, where it occupied one of the highest points in the neighborhood.  McMillan incorporated motifs and elements which were emblematic of the people and events he admired, including canons on the retaining walls and an anchor that had been used in General Sherman’s pontoon crossing of the Chattahoochee on the front porch.  The entrance to the Castle was designed as a stone grotto – an homage to Napoleon’s crossing of the Alps, complete with toy soldiers. 

McMillan and his wife Lucy Reagan lived in what he called “Fort Peace” until his death in the 1920s.  It served as a private residence until the 1930s when it became an adjunct facility for Atlanta’s arts community, including the Atlanta Theatre Guild, with restaurant space in the grotto. By the 1980s the building had become derelict and, despite the successful preservation movement begun through the saving of the Fox Theatre, the Castle was threatened with demolition.  Efforts to preserve it were met at a City level by Mayor Andrew Young’s comment that the building was “a hunk of junk.”   This statement helped to mobilize an outraged citizenry which demanded preservation of the building; those efforts led to the building’s designation as a City Landmark in 1989.

Bryan “Mike” Latham, a New York industrial artist and architect, bought the house at auction after it fell into foreclosure in 2010.  Mike is our tour guide, and he will tell you the rest of the history of the Castle.

Parking:  There are several options.

a)      Art Center Parking, across from the Alliance Theatre on Peachtree St. - $10

b)      Metered parking on Peachtree St., in front of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 1275 Peachtree

c)      Promenade Parking on 15th St., across from Symphony Hall – fee

d)      Public Parking for Colony Square, enter from 15th St. or Peachtree St. - fee

Fee:  Free for CIRCA members and first-time guest, $10 for returning visitors.  Membership forms will be available.