Taking You Places You Have Never Been Before


CIRCA is an auxiliary educational group of APC that offers monthly behind-the-scenes tours of select historic sites in Atlanta and nearby areas.


CIRCA LogoWe see sites both before renovation begins and after the final touches have been completed.

Usually scheduled for the second Tuesday evening of the month March through December, CIRCA will take you places you have never been before.  Come explore with us!

To join CIRCA, you need be a member of the Atlanta Preservation Center. Please visit Membership to join both the APC and CIRCA.

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CIRCA is a sponsor of two events during the 2019 Phoenix Flies Celebration:

Event 1:

What:  "Rails to the Future," Underground Atlanta, Historic Guided Walking Tour

When: Sunday, March 3 at 1:00 pm.

Where:  Meet at the auditorium in the Atlanta Visitor Center building, 65 Upper Alabama St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Description:  rom a stake in the ground to a street underground, learn how the railroads and commerce transformed a plot of ground in North Georgia.

Reservations:   Reservations are required for this event. This tour has a 25 person limit. For more information, call 404-521-6600.

Event 2:

What:  Richard Cloues, Ph.D., Architectural Historian, offers a lecture, "After the Bungalow, Before the Ranch:  The American Small House Phenomenon, 1920s-1960s."

When:  Thursday, March 14, 6-8pm


Atlanta Preservation Center

327 St. Paul Avenue SE

Atlanta, GA 30312

Description:  This is the first in a series of Cloues lectures on early 20th-century house types.  This presentation explores family homes called "small houses" that were built all across the United States from the 1920s to the 1960s.  American Small Houses provided much new housing in their time, and continue to provide affordable residential space today.  Sometimes called "minimal traditional" houses because of their small size and familiar architectural styling, these residences can be considered the 20th-century's first truly popular "modern" dwellings.

Reservations:   Reservations are not required for this event.

The CIRCA Board of Directors look forward to seeing you there!

Small House type_Oak Knoll