Taking You Places You've Never Been Before


CIRCA is an auxiliary educational group of APC that offers monthly behind-the-scenes tours of select historic sites in Atlanta and nearby areas.

CIRCA LogoWe see sites both before renovation begins and after the final touches have been completed.

Usually scheduled for the second Tuesday evening of the month March through December, CIRCA will take you places you’ve never been before.  Come explore with us!

To Join CIRCA, you need be a member of the Atlanta Preservation Center. Please visit Membership to join both the APC and CIRCA.

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CIRCA's July Meeting: Central Presbyterian Church


Date: July 14, 2015

Time: 6:30 gathering time, tour to begin by 6:45

Address:  201 Washington Street, directly across the street from the Capital, please use the sanctuary doors. These doors lead into the vestibule where you can gather before going upstairs to the sanctuary.  A staff member will be outside on the street to help point people in the right direction. 

Details:  Since its founding in 1858, the congregation's struggles to survive have often mirrored those of the the city and people that surround it. Nearly destroyed during the American Civil War, then again almost torn apart by factional strife in the years that followed, the congregation persevered to become a leading force for social justice in the South and in the nation, developing into a warm and stable Christian community in the process.

The tour will be led by Beth Grashof,  Beth is an architect whose specialty is historic preservation.  As a member of Central, she headed up the team whose responsibility it was to oversee the restoration/renovation of our sanctuary and has done extensive research on our chapel. In 1993, the entire Tullie Smith site was inventoried and the condition of the buildings assessed by Beth Grashof from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and according to Google Beth was a historical consultant for Fort Benning, and is on the Board of Directors for the Olmstead Park Alliance, among other projects of historical significance.   

ParkingOn street but one needs  lots of quarters most affordable within a block or so it at Central and MLK  parking deck


Fee: Free for CIRCA members and first-time guest, $10 for returning visitors 


For additional information (and photos): http://www.cpcatlanta.org/history  (which also has a picture of the original building to sit on the site