The Phoenix Flies Named Best Celebration of the Historic Built Enviroment

December 23, 2011

Curbed has named The Phoenix Flies the “Best Celebration of the Historic Built Environment.” Curbed is a website that covers urban centers, reporting on real estate.

According to the blog post “The mission, thoughtful planning and incredible amount of work that goes into The Phoenix Flies- all for the benefit of the city and its people- makes it most deserving of a Curbed Award.”

Hope you will take a moment to read Curbed’s post.

Thank you to Curbed to their recognition of APC’s work!

Make sure to put this year’s Phoenix Flies on you calendar: March 10-25, 2012. APC is planning more than 175 events for this year! All events will be made public mid-February. APC Members will receive their celebration catalogue at the beginning of February.