Phoenix Flies Feedback

March 29, 2013

Phoenix Flies has successfully celebrated the history and sites that are important to Atlanta. While figures are not complete, early reports indicate that more than 4,000 people attended the 205 events that took place over 16 days.

As a part of managing this event, APC invites those who attended to complete a ten question survey. The survey is anonymous and the information collected will be used to continue to improve the Celebration. Here is a link to the survey.

The Atlanta Preservation Center thanks all of the Preservation Partners, sponsors and volunteers who made possible the Decennial Phoenix Flies: A City-Wide Celebration. And, we thank all of you who attended for your interest in the historically and culturally significant buildings, landscapes and neighborhoods that give Atlanta its unique identity and character.

Choose a Neighborhood Tour

March 22, 2013

"Griggs House" by Rob Simmons, this home is featured in the Inman Park tour

On March 24 at 2:00 pm during the Decennial Phoenix Flies, you can select from three Guided Walking Tours of National Register and City of Atlanta Historic Districts. These important neighborhoods are Druid Hills, Grant Park and Inman Park.

These tours are part of the Atlanta Preservation Center’s Heritage Education Program. They make a physical connection with the City’s historical places. History is more than dates and facts, and APC’s volunteer guides make it come alive through these walking tours.

The Guided Walking Tour of Druid Hills showcases the neighborhood planned in 1883 by America’s preeminent landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted. View elegant homes of diverse architectural styles created by notable architects such as Neel Reid, W.T. Downing and Philip Shutze in a lush park-like setting of curving streets and mature plantings. Reservations are NOT required for this tour. Meet in the parking lot of St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1410 Ponce de Leon Ave, 30306 (corner of Ponce de Leon Ave NE and Oakdale Rd NE)

The Guided Walking Tour of Grant Park tells the story of the area that was once the property of Atlanta founding father Lemuel P. Grant. Grant came to Atlanta in 1840 and built what is now the Atlanta Preservation Center’s home, the LP Grant Mansion beginning in 1854. The 600+ acres that were once the homes grounds are now a thriving neighborhood and park. Reservations are NOT required for this event. Meet at the LP Grant Mansion, 327 St Paul Ave NE, 30312.

During the Guided Walking Tour of Inman Park, visit Atlanta’s first planned residential development. Dating from 1889, Inman Park has become a nationally celebrated example of neighborhood preservation.  See the elegant homes built by Coca-Cola magnates Asa Candler and Ernest Woodruff.  Discover the distinctive features that make up Victorian period architecture: turrets, sweeping porches and elaborate gingerbread woodwork.  Also enjoy a variety of other home styles, from Craftsman to post World War II to architecturally compatible infill. Reservations are NOT required for this event. Meet at the front steps of the King Keith House, 889 Edgewood Ave NE, 30307.



Tour the Newest Historic District

On Saturday, March 23 at 3:00 pm, Historic Westside Cultural Arts Council will lead a tour of Sunset Avenue which is Atlanta’s most recently designated Historic District. This area rivaled the prosperity of Auburn Avenue in the mid-1900s and was home to Martin Luther King, Jr. and many other civil rights leaders in the mid-1960s. Reservations are NOT required for this tour. Meet at 715 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW, 30314.

“Sunset Avenue” by Terrell Clark (this image is on exhibition at the Drawing Room Gallery, a framed print is available for purchase)

Historic Westside Cultural Art Council was founded in 2009 to celebrate the history and culture ofAtlanta’s Historic Westside Community. It is founded on the basic tenet that promoting the rich history, arts and culture of the people and places of the community is a vehicle to political, economic and social empowerment.

Beautiful Book of the Decennial

March 21, 2013

Available On Line and at the APC

The Decennial Phoenix Flies: A City-Wide Celebration of Living Landmarks Anniversary Photography Project is a documentation of the works created for the 10th anniversary celebration of Phoenix Flies by artists Shelia Pree Bright, Terrell Clark, John Dean, Stephanie Dowda, Jody Fausett, Jeff Keesee, David Yoakley Mitchell and Rob Simmons.

This 8” x 10”, 90 page, hardcover book includes 81 images with accompanying text that provides information about the subject of the image and the organization that cares for or highlighted the site during the Decennial Phoenix Flies.

The book is available for purchase for $48.60 (includes tax) at the APC or for $55.00 (includes tax, shipping & handling) by clicking here or by calling 404-688-3353 ext. 11.

More about the Anniversary Photography Project is available here. This page includes select images that are on exhibit at the Grant Mansion. These prints are beautifully framed by Artifacts and available for purchase. Several are limited editions or one time prints.

Walking, Talking, Transept and Tales

"Grant Park Tree" by Stephanie Dowda

On the final Sunday of the Decennial Phoenix Flies, March 24, you can walk through Grant Park (the neighborhood or green space), visit the sanctuary of St Paul UMC, talk with APC’s Executive Director Boyd Coons at the LP Grant Mansion (APC’s home) and hear tales of Civil War history with songs performed by Granville Automatic.

At 2:00 pm you have the choice of guided tours of Grant Park – the green space –  or Grant Park – the neighborhood.

The Grant Park Conservancy is offering guided history tours of its charge. The Conservancy is committed to caring for Atlanta’s oldest public park. The 100 acres for Grant Park were given to the City of Atlanta by Lemuel Pratt Grant in 1883. A zoo was added in 1889 and the Cyclorama in 1893. The Park, now used by millions each year, includes Zoo Atlanta, the Cyclorama, multiple amenities and Fort Walker, the only surviving part of what was the strategic defense line of Atlanta during the Civil War. Reservations are NOT required for this tour. Meet for the tour at the south side of the Boulevard parking lot, at the entrance to Fort Walker. Use 700 Boulevard SE, 30315 for mapping purposes.

An Atlanta Preservation Center guide will tell the story of the area that was once the property of Atlanta pioneer Lemuel P. Grant. Grant came to Atlanta in 1840 and built what is now the Atlanta Preservation Center’s home, the LP Grant Mansion beginning in 1854. The 600+ acres that were once the homes grounds are now a thriving neighborhood and park. Reservations are NOT required for this event. Meet at the LP Grant Mansion, 327 St Paul Ave NE, 30312. This event lasts for approximately 90 minutes and involves 1.5 miles of walking.

"Methodist Church" by Stephanie Dowda

From 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm you can tour St. Paul United Methodist. Built in 1907, the granite block Neo-Romanesque church provided its first service to 1,200 members. The large pipe organ, still in use today after being refurbished in the early 1990s, was acquired from the Piedmont Cotton States Exposition in 1887. The church faced closing in the early 1990’s; however, a small group of dedicated parishioners raised the funds necessary to begin restoration of the badly deteriorated sanctuary. Restoration continues as does this dedicated congregation’s service to Grant Park. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The church is located at 501 Grant St SE, 30312.

Beginning at 3:00 pm, the Atlanta Preservation Center invites you to an Open House at the LP Grant Mansion. Deemed Atlanta’s “most historic building” by Franklin Garrett, this historic site was built by Atlanta founding father Lemuel P. Grant, served as a hospital during the Civil War, was birth place to golfer Bobby Jones and was the passion of author Margaret Mitchell. It now serves as the home of the APC’s offices, exhibition space and Drawing Room Gallery. Learn about the home and work of the APC, enjoy light refreshments and entertainment and view the results of the Anniversary Photography Project. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The Grant Mansion is located at 327 St. Paul Ave SE, 30312.

"Fox Theatre Triptych" by John Dean, this image is on view at the Grant Mansion, a framed print is available for purchase

At 4:00 pm Granville Automatic will perform songs which demonstrate a unique way of preserving history. Vanessa Olivarez and Elizabeth Elkins share a love of history, horses and interest in war. Named after a 19th century typewriter, almost all of the duo’s 90 songs tell stories from history. The band has appeared on PBS and been chosen as the 2012 Composers in Residence at Seaside, FL’s prestigious Escape to Create program. The musicians are now partnering with the Civil War Trust and creating new material for their third album. Granville Automatic’s quiet lyrical sound tells stories from the past that are worth keeping alive. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The Grant Mansion is located at 327 St. Paul Ave SE, 30312.


Sardis Invitation from Buckhead Heritage

"Sardis Church" by John Dean

For the Decennial of Phoenix Flies, the Buckhead Heritage Society will present a site to demonstrate its mission of promoting and preserving Buckhead’s historic resources. On Saturday, March 23 at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm you are invited to tour Sardis Church and its cemetery. Documents confirm that this site dates from at least 1848. The current (fourth) church was designed by Owen Southwell and dates from 1927. Its National Register nomination was prepared by Buckhead Heritage Society in 2010 and its listing granted in 2012. Reservations are NOT required for this event. Meet at Sardis Church 2725 Powers Ferry Rd NE, 30342.


An Olmsted Landscape

March 20, 2013

"Olmsted Park" by Jeff Keesee

Join George Ickes of the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance for a tour of the beautiful Olmsted Linear Parks in the heart of Druid Hills on either Saturday, March 23 at 10:30 am or Sunday, March 24 at 2:00 pm. Designed in 1893 by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., widely considered to be the father of American landscape architecture, the Druid Hills neighborhood and was one of Olmsted’s final commissions. Its park on Ponce de Leon Avenue is a major feature. Olmsted Linear Park has undergone a 14-year rehabilitation of its six segments which feature rolling landscape, paved walking paths and a 22 acre Piedmont forest.  Reservations are NOT required for this tour. Meet at the corner of Springdale Rd and S Ponce de Leon Ave, 30307. This event involves more than a mile of brisk walking.

Olmsted Linear Park Alliance researched and managed the rehabilitation of the park by forming a coalition with the park’s stakeholders that include the City of Atlanta,DeKalb County and Fernbank, Inc.


First Suburb Sunday

March 19, 2013

"Bass Lofts" by Rob Simmons

On March 24, the final day of the Decennial Phoenix Flies, there are three events in Atlanta’s first planned suburb of Inman Park. This National Register and City of Atlanta Historic District was platted in the 1880s. The idea for development came from Joel Hurt who engaged Frederick Law Olmsted to lay out the park-like neighborhood. After the neighborhood’s heyday it saw gradual decline until interest in historic preservation and Victorian architecture started to take hold. The beginning of this turnaround was marked by the first Inman Park neighborhood association being formed in 1970. The district is now a thriving and active in-town community.

 First, Easements Atlanta, Inc. holds up Bass Lofts as one of its most successful easement donors with at tour beginning at 12:30 pm. Opened in 1923, this Tudor and Renaissance-styled school building was named after William A. Bass, a Confederate Captain in the Civil War, and served children of the Inman Park, Candler Park, Morningside, East Atlanta, Kirkwood and Druid Hills neighborhoods until it was shuttered in 1987. The creative conversation into residential lofts maintained the school’s original WPA murals and many schoolroom fixtures and has been recognized with several preservation awards.Reservations are NOT required for this event. Bass Lofts is located at 1080 Euclid Ave NE, 30307. Enter the building from Washita Ave.
Next take the 2:00 pm Atlanta Preservation Center Guided Walking Tour of Inman Park and lean further details of the neighborhood’s development, history and restoration. Reservations are not required for this event. Meet at the front steps of the King Keith House, 889 Edgewood Ave NE, 30307. This event lasts 90 minuets and involves about 1.5 miles of walking.
“The Marianna” by Rob Simmons

At 4:00 pm, tour the Kriegshaber House, now home to the Wrecking Bar Brewpub and The Marianna. Design by Willis Denny in 1900 as a home for Victor Kriegshaber, this Victorian house with its distinctive semicircular front portico is home to the Wrecking Bar Brewpub and The Marianna events facility. The “Wrecking Bar” nickname comes from one of its previous uses as an architectural antique store. Marianna was one of the Kriegshaber daughters. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The Wrecking Bar/Marianna is located at 292 Moreland Ave NE, 30307.


North Midtown Houses of Worship

March 18, 2013

"First Presbyterian" by Terrell Clark

On Wednesday, March 20 beginning at 10:00 am you can learn about and enjoy three beautiful houses of worship on Peachtree Street at the north end of Midtown.

At 10:00 am, a tour of First Presbyterian Church will be led by William Lyon, who is a descendant of the church’s founding pastor. Having dedicated its current sanctuary in 1919, First Presbyterian Church dates the beginnings of its congregation to 1848. This beautiful house of worship was designed by architects E. C. Wachendorf and W.T. Downing and is enhanced by stained glass designed by Tiffany, D’Ascenzo and Willet. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The church is located at 1328 Peachtree St NE, 30309.

"Peachtree Christian" by Terrell Clark

From here, go north for a tour of Peachtree Christian Church at 12:30 pm. Established in 1925, it stands at Peachtree and Spring Streets. Modeled after Melrose Abbey in Scotland, the beautiful, Gothic Revival-style sanctuary was designed by Charles H. Hopson and dedicated in 1928 as a “cathedral for the city of Atlanta.” The sanctuary’s windows, made by William Glasby of London, England, are one of the finest collections of stained glass in the country, telling the story of Christ from his birth through his death and resurrection. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The church is located at 1580 Peachtree St NE, 30309.


"The Temple" by Terrell Clark

Then just cross the street for a visit at The Temple which begins at 2:00 pm. With a congregation that dates from 1860, The Temple is housed in a 1931 synagogue designed by Atlanta architect Philip Trammel Shutze. The building was designed to communicate the spirit of Reform Judaism which is rooted in tradition, exhibited by an interior that follows Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and focuses on the present and future, as demonstrated by its popular Neo-Classical style exterior. Reservations are NOT required for this event. The temple is located at 1589 Peachtree St NE, 30309.


These images are part of the Anniversary Photography Project and are available in a 90-page full color book and are on exhibit at the LP Grant Mansion home of the Atlanta Preservation Center

MLK Monday

March 16, 2013

"MLK" by Shelia Pree Bright

Monday, March 18th is a great day during Phoenix Flies to learn about the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Beginning at 1:00 pm at the National Register-listed Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building, the USGeneral Services Administration will give tours of the building which was designed by prominent architect A. Ten Eyck Brown. Completed in 1933, the seven-story granite and marble building was originally the main post office adjacent to Atlanta’s Terminal Station (demolished in 1971-72). Its recent rehabilitation showcases historic features within modern, energy-efficient office space. In its mission to provide space for Federal agencies, the USGeneral Services Administration rehabilitates and preserves historic buildings. Reservations are NOT required for this tour. The building is located at 77 Forsyth St SW, 30303.

"MLK Ebenezer" by Terrell Clark, this work is on exihit at the Grant Mansion and available for purchase

At 3:30 pm the Martin Luther King National Historic Site will offer tours of the historic district and Dr. King’s birth home. The site is part of the City’s Martin Luther King, Jr Landmark District. This is the area is where the Civil Rights leader was born, lived, worked, worshiped and is buried. It is also the area known by the name Sweet Auburn. Auburn Avenuebisects the area which was the heart of African-American commerce and culture in Atlantaat the turn of the century. Reservations are required for this tour. Please call 404-688-3353 ext 15.