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The Atlanta Preservation Center uses the on-line service Donate Now to offer unique items and APC-related merchandise for sale. Prices include tax, shipping and handling.

The Decennial Phoenix Flies: A City-Wide Celebration of Living Landmarks Anniversary Photography Project for $55 is a documentation of the works created for the 10th anniversary celebration of Phoenix Flies by artists Shelia Pree Bright, Terrell Clark, John Dean, Stephanie Dowda, Jody Fausett, Jeff Keesee, David Yoakley Mitchell and Rob Simmons.

This 8” x 10”, 90 page, hardcover book includes 81 images with accompanying text that provides information about the subject of the image and the organization that cares for or highlighted this site during the Decennial Phoenix Flies.

The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association: 150 Years of Restoring George Washington’s Home book for $22.00 - This 192 page color book with a plethora of wonderful images tells the story of the 150 years of work the Ladies have put into preserving one of our nation's great treasures. APC Trustee Mrs. Shepard Bryan Ansley, the Nineteenth Regent, is included in this handsome cloth bound book as are all the Regents dating from 1858.

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